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About me

Since my start in the design industry, I’ve worked in UX design and research, game design, and product management for different startups and organizations in the gaming, education, sustainability, healthcare, fintech, and e-commerce industry.

I am also passionate about fostering design communities where I help fellow designers level up their design careers and empower diverse talent.

Curious to know how I got into UX? Check out my Polywork profile here.

From a young age, I’ve always had this dream of working in the game industry and loved pop culture such as Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, Dungeons & Dragons, Marvel, etc. Throughout my life, I expressed my passion through design, writing, and programming.

As a teenager, I got addicted to Sherlock Holmes and would normally spend my time reading various detective crime books and writing stories. Then while I was in college, I developed an affinity for programming and game design which helped me figure out what career I wanted to pursue.

DB website

While I was doing an OJT during the 2020 pandemic, I delved deeper into the world of programming and got an opportunity to take courses in mobile development. I enjoyed it but I felt I was not happy enough and missed my passion.

As I was soul-searching, I found a design community called Design Buddies and came across the terms user experience design and user interface design. Everything just clicked as I learn about UX design and the old dream I had of working in games seemed possible.

I loved that UX design is a combination of what I’m passionate about and it’s more than just visual—it’s telling a story through art, words, interactions, and music. To be able to understand people and design a user-friendly product for them.

Right now, I am interested in how users/players create meaningful relationships in virtual spaces and make a positive impact. I’m also curious about how to integrate localisation and cultural context into my design process.

GUI - L1 - Middle




Building end-to-end digital experiences & balancing customer and business needs.



Pushing innovation and building sustainable products and services.



Accessible design and inclusive design make products usable by everyone.



Designing game user interfaces, menus, HUD, & writing game design documents.



Product Strategy for an iterative process for planning & development.



Design a prototype for early user testing to collect feedback.



Mobile-first thinking for user needs, UX Strategy & UI Design.


Fast mockups exploring solutions for iterative designs.



Planning & designing for a launched product or feature.