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The Wholesome Gum

The Wholesome Gum is 100% natural and biodegradable, from the packaging to the gum itself. It is a bubblegum concept made for students who are environmentally conscious and adopts a zero-waste lifestyle. We created a product and marketing campaign that encourages them to be healthy. I led the Project Launch phase of the project.



Competitive Analysis

User Insights

Market Segmentation

Market Research

Marketing Strategy


Graphic Design


Product Design

Digital Marketing


Sept 2018 – Dec 2018


Adobe Photoshop


Sean Alano
Copywriter, Designer

Inigo Mercader
Account Manager, Designer

Celina Mercado
Art Director, Designer

Gab Mirandilla
Researcher, Designer

Kathrina Tacastacas
Copywriter, Designer


For our final project in MGRAPH3 (Graphic Communication and Digital Media) class, everyone was asked to form a team and make their own bubblegum product. To ensure that each team has an original and unique idea, they must submit a product proposal within 1 hour before diving into the project. Acceptance of proposals will be issued on a first come first served basis by the professor. Teams must submit their ideas as soon as possible because if another team already submitted a similar idea, they must be ready to explain the differences or go back and create another product proposal.

The team went through the design process from research, branding, and creating a marketing strategy for a bubblegum product. We also came up with a solution that can potentially fix the effects of bubblegum on the environment.

I took the role of a designer and marketing manager, leading the Project Launch phase of the project. I was able to incorporate the vision of the art director and came up with a viable marketing campaign strategy.


To create a bubblegum product by identifying the bad effects that users experience when chewing bubblegum and provide solutions.

  • One of the major environmental problems is land pollution and littering
  • Littering also causes other problems like the endangerment of various animal species and the pollution of bodies of water as well
  • Two of the biggest contributors to pollution and litter are cigarette butts and gum waste
  • Many gum manufacturers still produce their gum and packaging with harmful non-biodegradable materials thus leaving permanent damage to the environment
  • Provide customers with a healthier option thus allowing users to reduce their carbon footprint and land pollution
  • Introduce and expose users to Philippine culture by using locally produced organic ingredients like coconut sugar and using local flavours
  • Maintain customer satisfaction to keep users enjoying our bubble gum product without feeling guilty

As soon as our professor accepted our product proposal, our team quickly had a meeting to discuss roles and responsibilities. By analyzing our strengths and weaknesses, we were each assigned a role for the project.

In my case, I took on the role of a designer and marketing manager, leading the Project Launch phase of the project. I also contributed ideas in other phases of the project.


The team came up with the name ‘wholesome’ which means promoting health and well-being of mind and spirit; clean, ethical. As shown in the mind map, we wanted our brand to mean healthy, local fruits, eco-friendly, biodegradable, all-natural, and organic.

Our tagline is ‘Guilt-Free Bubble Blowing’ which means ‘allowing yourself to enjoy something without feeling unhappy that you’re doing something bad.’


Wholesome Gum is an all-natural, eco-friendly bubble gum brand created to fit the zero waste lifestyle most millennials have nowadays.

It comes in four different flavours and is digestible and doesn’t use synthetic rubber, an ingredient most bubble gums use as a base.

It’s all-natural and sustainable – healthy for both humans and the environment. The packaging is biodegradable as well, helping in preventing pollution.

  • Biodegradable Packaging
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Non-synthetic Ingredients
  • Non-artificial Fruit-Based Flavours
  • Safe to swallow
  • Compostable

Biodegradable Packaging

  • improves brand image (environment friendly)
  • could function in different ways
  • compostable packaging – improves soil health, supports plant life, and disintegrates when no longer needed

Pro-Health Flavour Choices (Mango, Pomelo, Calamansi, Rambutan)

  • Fruit Antioxidants help to fight cancer
  • Rich in Vitamin C
  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases (potassium)

Natural Gum reduces gum waste made by synthetic gums

  • Gum waste lies next to Cigarette Butts
  • A large amount of money is used by countries to clean up gum

To provide students with the healthiest option for gum that is rare to find in the local market today.

With The Wholesome Gum, we believe that we can change the bubble gum market today by providing our consumers with a healthier alternative to other standard gums.


Our bubble gum brand offers something other gum brands don’t. From the packaging, to the wrappers, and to the gum itself, Wholesome Gum is eco-friendly and supports the lifestyle many of our target consumers have now.

Unlike other gum brands, Wholesome Gum is all-natural and is safe to swallow therefore making it safer to consume and helps prevent gum waste just being littered anywhere. The packaging too is biodegradable/compostable and contributes to the lessening of waste.


Online Ad (Social Media)

Products will be available inside the school campus (La Salle, UST, Ateneo, and UP)

A kiosk will be set up and we will giveaway our products for free for the first 100 customers who:

  • Post a picture on social media and use the hashtag #thewholesomegum

Participation in pro-environment and pro-health events (bazaars, Health Seminars, Conventions, Health Forums, etc.)

Kiosk Setups in Festivals, Concerts, etc.



Andi Manzano (Instagram and Twitter)

  • For every photo posted the hashtag and tag will link to the company Instagram page
  • At least 1 brand post via Twitter account

Alodia (Youtube and Facebook)

  • Designated are in the banner for Twitch
  • Links to company pages in the description and within the video on Youtube
  • At least 2 brand posts via Facebook account

12:30 PM / 4:20 PM / 9:30 PM

  • Daily post about the product on all social media accounts and adding the # of the companies

7AM – 6PM

  • Throughout the day


  • Every campus (4 major schools) during the first week of classes

I was tasked to create the design for direct mail. The packaging uses recycled cardboard since they are organic products.


I just recently finished the online course called ‘Brand Storytelling’ on FutureLearn and I remember watching a chocolate ad with the perfect background music to use for our commercial. So I searched and found the Ghirardelli Commercial Ad and was able to know the background music they used which is The Flower Duet (Lakmé) by Léo Delibes.

The story is about a teen at a bus stop who sees a vision of a garden that offers a tranquil haven of peace and serenity. He smiles. Another boy sees his satisfying smile and notices that he’s chewing bubblegum. So he tries one to no avail. He also tries different bubblegum brands and gives up after a few minutes. Finally, it ends with the teen at the imaginary garden again showing off the product.


Coming up next… Yes, what is my future plan? I can innovate and improve on this project. I think with the correct implementation, this could be a useful product for some people.


Some challenges that we faced:

  • Creating the product proposal in just a short amount of time. Everyone came up with amazing ideas but we all agreed that our product has to be environmentally friendly. From there, we were able to create a detailed description of our product.
  • By the time we reached the project launch phase, we were on a time crunch. I analyzed the data that was given to me and came up with the marketing campaign strategy. I also helped in designing some of the advertising collaterals and it’s up to our leader what goes through the final version.


What I learned from this project:

  • Teamwork: having a good sense of teamwork allows us to work together and accomplish our goals faster.
  • Time Management: since we already have a scheduled plan for the term, our leader organized the tasks we need to finish all throughout the duration of the term.
  • Learning from my team and leader: As a marketing manager, I was able to work alongside with our leader which gave me insight into how she manages a project from start to finish and create a cohesive brand for our product.
  • Being a Leader: Since I led the Project Launch phase of the project, I was able to experience how to become a leader which greatly helped me on my future project on MDVIDEO class.
  • Fun fact about myself: I’m actually an advocate of healthy living and being environmentally conscious. I may not be a fan of bubblegum but this project helped me reconsider on how to reduce my carbon footprint by lessening my junk food intakes and using environmental friendly packages.

Mock-up created in Adobe Photoshop